WhatsApp Logo to Change to a New Icon with Facebook ‘f’ in 24 hours?

WhatsApp users, particularly in Nigeria, have been struck hard after a message was received threatening to terminate their accounts if they did not forward the message to at least 20 contacts.

WhatsApp Director, Varun Pulyani is alleged to have sent the text message and voicemail in Hausa and English.

The letter further said that the business had been sold to Mark Zuckerberg, the owner of Facebook and Instagram and that sending the message would result in your “WhatsApp logo changing to a new symbol with a Facebook ‘f’ in 24 hours.”

He goes on to warn that if you don’t, your WhatsApp account will be deleted and the business would start charging you money every month.

However, on close examination, it appears to be a spam broadcast message.   The message was not sent by WhatsApp or any company affiliated with Facebook, the parent company.

WhatsApp was founded in 2009 by Brian Acton and Jan Koum.  And then sold to Facebook for $ 19 billion in 2014.

Mr. Varun Pulyani is not the current chairman but. Will Cathcart is the current chairman of WhatsApp.

WhatsApp has its very own Twitter and Facebook pages, where it announces future updates and other significant business developments.

As in the past, WhatsApp may deliver instant messaging and WhatsApp status updates to all subscribers.

Some analysts have connected the bogus message to a WhatsApp announcement stating that the program would cease functioning on 43 older phones starting in November 2021.

Then, another of the messages was taped by a European who was spilling information.

This is also unclear since many audio and video recordings capture this. And voicemail is still dangerous since anybody can send it.

So the message that is widely circulated among Nigerians, in which they continue to deliver it to individuals on a daily basis, is false.

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