Twitter Returns to Nigeria

It has been cleared by President Muhammadu Buhari that Twitter operations in Nigeria may be resumed.

National Information Technology Development Agency (NITDA) director-general, Mr. Kashifu Inuwa, announced in a statement on Wednesday in Abuja.

According to the statement, the suspension will take effect at midnight on Thursday, as stated.

According to NAN, Twitter was suspended in Nigeria on June 5, 2021, because of concerns about national security and cohesiveness, as well as the impact of the platform’s misuse.

Immediately after the suspension of Twitter, the president established a seven-person Presidential Committee to deal with it.

According to NAN, a new Technical Committee of 20 members, comprised of representatives from all relevant organizations, has been formed.

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The committee and Twitter agreed that the operations, taxes, and administration of unlawful publications should be registered by Nigerian law.

Nigeria-Twitter Engagement Technical Committee Chairman, Inuwa, said:

A Twitter legal entity would be established in Nigeria in the first quarter of 2022, Twitter has pledged:

“Twitter has committed to establishing a legal entity in Nigeria during the first quarter of 2022.

“The legal entity will register with the Corporate Affairs Commission.

” The establishment of the entity is Twitter’s first step in demonstrating its long-term commitment to Nigeria.

“Twitter has agreed to appoint a designated country representative to interface with Nigerian authorities.

“Twitter has agreed to comply with applicable tax obligations on its operations under Nigerian law.

As part of the agreement, Inuwa added that Twitter had pledged to respect Nigerian laws and the national culture and history on which they were based.

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He went on to say that Twitter has promised to cooperate with the federal government and the rest of the sector to create a Code of Conduct that adhered to global best practices and could be used in almost every developed country.

He concluded by saying that:

“Therefore, the FGN lifts the suspension of the Twitter operations in Nigeria from midnight of 13th January 2022,” the statement quoted Inuwa as saying.

He exhorted platform users to behave ethically and to abstain from posting anything that might cause division, harm, or be offensive to others.

Inuwa stated:

“Considering Twitter’s influence on our democracy, our economy, and the very fabric of our corporate existence as a nation, our priority is to adapt, not ban Twitter.

“The FGN is committed to working with Twitter to do anything possible to help Nigerians align and navigate Twitter algorithmic design to realize its potentials while avoiding its perils,” 

He stated that throughout the negotiating phase, the Federal Government had found better methods to use the platform.

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