The Plateau Governorship Race Has a Newcomer

All Progressives Congress (APC) party head David Victor Dimka intends to run for the governorship of Plateau State in 2023.

Over the years, Dimka has come to believe that his state can overcome its issues.

Plateau Central has been assigned the 2023 governorship race by all political calculations in the state because of its proximity to Plateau Central and the fact that he is a security institute fellow and has been blessed with a wealth of experience over the years. He is fully equipped to provide good governance, progress, and unity to the 57 ethnic groups in the state if elected as governor.

After the new Plateau government took office, he claimed he wanted to become involved in politics because he believes he had something valuable to give the people of his state.

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For a state to be functional and affluent, he said, “security is vital,” since, without it, no one can discuss economics or anything else.

However, he claims to be here to build on what they’ve accomplished and push Plateau to a higher level than they could have ever achieved.

Dimka said that as a professional Customs officer prepared to fight smugglers and produce income for the government, he understands what to do to create prosperity for his state if he is elected governor.

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