Queen cancels Northern Ireland visit, spends the night in hospital

According to Buckingham Palace, Elizabeth II has returned to Windsor after a doctor’s recommendation for a few days of rest.

Buckingham Palace reports that the Queen spent Wednesday night in hospital after having to postpone her trip to Northern Ireland.

Doctors advised the 95-year-old that she should stay at Windsor Castle for a few days to recuperate before she went on a two-day excursion.

In any case, she was then sent to the hospital for “preliminary investigations.”. On Thursday, she flew back to Windsor.

A team of experts examined the Queen at King Edward VII’s Hospital, a private medical facility in the heart of London. It’s safe to assume her admission had nothing to do with coronavirus. It was her first overnight hospital admission since 2013 when she was treated for gastroenteritis and spent one night in the King Edward VII Hospital.

According to a royal insider, the medical staff caring for the princess had adopted a “cautious approach.” They said that she had to spend the night for practical reasons and that she had “minor responsibilities” on Thursday afternoon.

She was upset that she couldn’t make it to Northern Ireland on Wednesday, but she reluctantly followed the advice of her physicians.

After the hamlet in County Down was renamed Royal Hillsborough, she was scheduled to meet with locals, especially kids. It is the first royal town or hamlet in Northern Ireland.

On Thursday, the Queen planned to attend a church service in Armagh to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the establishment of Northern Ireland.

During a big public occasion, such as the Royal British Legion’s centennial service, she was photographed for the first time with a walking stick.

She had hosted a big global investment conference at Windsor Castle on Tuesday night after returning from Balmoral at the beginning of October when she was reported to be bright and happy. It’s no secret that she’s maintained a hectic schedule since Prince Philip’s passing earlier this year at the age of 99.

“Following medical advice to rest for a few days, the Queen visited the hospital on Wednesday afternoon for some preliminary investigations,” a royal spokesman said. “The Queen returned to Windsor Castle at lunchtime today and is in excellent spirits.”

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