Putin visit Completely Fabricated – Kanye West Rep

During his journey to Russia, Kanye West is expected to meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin, according to sources.

West, who changed his name from Kanye to Ye this year, will perform a handful of Sunday Service shows while in the nation, according to Billboard.

Confidant and strategic adviser, Ameer Sudan told the journal that while West was in Russia, he meant to make the country his “second home,” according to the article.

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The tale is “completely manufactured” according to Pierre Rougier, West’s publicist, who spoke to Rolling Stone.

He had it sussed:

 “a work of fiction of wishful thinking from these Russian people”.

He has already begun work on a follow-up to his 2021 album, Donda, according to music entrepreneur Steven Victor earlier this month.

Ye’s 10th studio album was released last year to mixed reviews and numerous severe delays. 

The addition of Marilyn Manson and DaBaby on several songs has sparked criticism.

An upcoming documentary on Kanye West called Jeen-Yuhs: A Kanye Trilogy has just published a teaser.

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