PiggyVest 2021 Reviews: How to Make Money Online with PiggyVest

One of the first online savings and investing apps in West Africa, Piggyvest is a fantastic addition that offers many advantages.

Saving money for the future is easier with a tool like PiggyVest, previously known as piggybank.ng. It also allows users to invest money in different businesses and earn up to a 25% return on their investments in as little as 8 months or longer via the site. 

Saving money may earn you interest of up to 13%. Their reputation as Nigeria’s largest online savings and investment platform is well-established in the country.

There are many methods for saving money. Depending on your needs, you may choose to save as a group or as an individual. You and a buddy, your spouse or wife, or anybody else may contribute to your savings account. 

A large portion of Nigeria’s population uses the website and mobile app regularly. Your daily, weekly, or monthly small-dollar expenditures may add up to a significant sum if you put them aside. It’s a good idea to put money aside for rainy days.

What’s the deal with PiggyVest?

The amount you wish to save will be taken from your account on a daily basis after you set it up in your profile.

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If you’re unfamiliar with PiggyVest, it works like this: You have a target amount you’d want to achieve. Anything from starting a company to paying rent may be used as a justification for borrowing money. Saving a million naira, ten million Naira, or even more is all up to you. You open a PiggyVest account and begin saving. 

They reward your money with an interest of up to 13%. You have the option of saving on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. There’s an option to save everything at once. As an example, you may save anywhere from ₦50 to ₦20,000 a day. 

The amount you wish to save will be taken from your account on a daily basis after you set it up in your profile.

You also have the option of saving on a weekly basis. Let’s say you set a savings goal of ₦1,000 to ₦50,000 each week, or even more. The money may be taken automatically from your bank account on a weekly basis if you so want. If you want to save money each month, use the same procedure.

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On the other hand, there is an option to save whenever you wish without having money taken from your bank account automatically.

QuickSave is the name of this feature. You get to decide when to make a backup. Log in to the app or website, then save your changes. Simple as that. Whichever method of saving suits your needs.

Saving with a friend, family, spouse, or a group of individuals is an option, as well. Decide how much you want to preserve and for how long, with the other people in your life. Start putting money away now! The money will be sent to everyone’s accounts on the day you choose.

There are just a few times a year when you can take money out of savings if you do well. The goal is to keep you on track and on task. However, you are free to withdraw with a penalty at any moment once the withdrawal deadline has passed.

You have the option of locking your money up. Keep your money safe if you don’t mind losing it in the process. It may be for a variety of reasons, including rent, school expenses, a business venture, or anything else. If you lock it in for a year, you’ll be paid 13 percent in interest upfront.

You may invest money on this site, which is a huge perk. Many start-ups are in desperate need of funding. You may learn more about them, then invest in the one you think is the best fit. It’s a piece of cake. You just need to make a few clicks to complete the process. You may begin investing with as little as ₦3,000.

Take a look at all the money you throw out every week or month; ₦100, ₦500, ₦1,000, or even more. You will be amazed at how much money you may earn in a year by saving or investing on this site.

Why should I use PiggyVest if it’s safe?

This platform is a safe place to keep your money or invest it.RC 1405222 identifies them as PiggyTech Global Limited. They bought the license and a microfinance bank in early 2018. Piggytech Cooperative Multipurpose Society Limited is a recognized cooperative as well, with registration number 16555.

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This platform’s funds are held and managed by AIICO Capital, Nigeria’s top asset management firm, which is registered with and regulated by the SEC (SEC).

Your card information is also safe. They don’t keep any of your personal information on file. Paystack, a leading Nigerian payment processor that complies with PCIDSS, is partnered with them to handle your personal information. With an SSL encrypted connection, the website is even more secure than usual.

Why are Nigerians still doubting PiggyVest?

Nigerians continue to have doubts about PiggyVest for many reasons.

Nigerians continue to have doubts about PiggyVest for many reasons.

The Bank Verification Number (BVN) is a serious security issue in Nigeria. Scammers have used this number to do significant damage, therefore banks strongly advise their customers not to share it with anybody, not even close family members.

BVN is needed to verify your identity and protect yourself from fraudulent activities. As a result, your money and transactions are protected on even another level. Other capabilities, such as transfers from your Flex account to another user’s Flex account, become available as a result of this.

People do register when I introduce them to the PiggyVest platform, but they leave the Piggyvest website as soon as they see the “ADD YOUR BVN” button since nobody likes to put their confidence in anybody. If you have any doubts, go to your bank’s customer service agent or a representative from the financial industry, as they may be able to shed some light on Piggyvest’s reliability.

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On PiggVest, how can you save money?

Macro shot of financial concept

PiggyVest offers many ways to save money.

Create a user name and password.

To begin, you must first create an account with the service. It’s extremely simple to create an account. Your phone number, password, and name are all you’ll need to get started. To register, go to this page and follow the instructions.

Decide on a method of saving money

Once you’ve signed up for an account, you may begin using the service. There are many ways to save money. PiggyBank, Safelock, and Target Savings are a few alternatives. Choose the one that best fits your needs. You’ll find out more about each of them by reading the links provided below.

Set your Personal Information and Begin Saving

If you go with a piggy bank, you’ll have to decide how much money you want to put aside on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. Alternatively, you may choose to manually save at any time. Set the amount you want to secure and the date on which you want to release it in SafeLock. Set your savings goal according to the amount you want to save. If you’d like company, invite your pals and choose a withdrawal date.

How to use PiggyVest to invest your money

Here are the actions you need to take to invest with PiggyVest.

Create a user name and password

To begin, you must first establish a user account. It’s a pretty simple procedure. To register, go to this page and follow the instructions.

Go to Investify.com by clicking here

Once you’ve reached the Dashboard of your PiggyVest account, you’ll be able to see all your transactions. There will be a slew of choices shown to you on the screen. If you want to invest for the future, click on Investify or “invest for it now.” That’s all there is to it.

Invest after reviewing investment possibilities

There are many investment options available to you. You may invest in anyone by clicking on their name in the list. Most investment options need a minimum investment of ₦3000. Some have a higher number.

PiggyVest: More than Saving Money

The ‘Bank’ on PiggyVest is known as PiggyBank.

There are a variety of options available, as shown below:


The ‘Bank’ on PiggyVest is known as PiggyBank. In this way, you may save a considerable sum of money. To achieve your financial objectives, this tool is ideal for you if you intend to save money on your own. Do you recall all the money you squandered on pointless purchases? You can store anything here, no matter how tiny it is. In addition, you’ll be able to earn a substantial amount of interest from it. Those little sums of money will balloon in the next year or two.

With a daily savings rate of 100 cents, you’ll accumulate ₦36,500 in a year. Add in compound interest, and you’ll have ₦40,000.00. If you save ₦5,000 a month, you’ll have ₦60,000 in savings in a year. Add in interest, and you might have well over ₦70,000 saved.

And if you chose to set aside ₦20,000 a month from your income, you’ll have saved ₦240, 000 over the course of the year, plus interest.

You have complete control over how long you save. The more time you put aside, the more money you’ll have and the more interest you’ll earn.

You may set up a savings plan to take care of your finances on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. Your bank account will be debited immediately. If it bothers you, you may use a tool called Quicksave to save your work instead. 

When you use Quicksave, you have the option to manually save money anytime you choose. After selecting a fast save option on the app or website, you will have to sign in again if you wish to save later on manually.

You have the option to put your savings on hold and resume them at a later time. Using quicksave is an option if you don’t have enough money to save for a month.

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If you want to save more money, you have the option of increasing your savings rate. You have complete control over the situation.

You have immediate access to the money in your PiggyBank. However, in order to promote self-control, just a few withdrawal dates are allowed each year.

  • On March 31st and June 30th of each year
  • The last day of September falls on a Monday.
  • On the last day of the year, on December 31st,
  • You have the option to change the date on your own as well.

Affirmatively Invest (Invest for the future)- Investify

One of PiggyVest’s features, Investify, aids investors in finding low-risk investing options. The firm has thoroughly examined and authorized these investment options. Every investment is safeguarded in some way. Do your research before investing if insurance is a concern for you. Each investment opportunity has a unique insurance policy.

You can invest as little as ₦3000 and earn up to a 25% return. Depending on the investment, interest may be paid monthly, quarterly, or yearly.

At any time you choose, you may sell your shares or cash out your investment.

These investments, on the other hand, come from outside sources. PiggyVest, on the other hand, does extensive research before approval. Additionally, they safeguard the investor’s money via the use of derivatives. Before making an investment, you should thoroughly review the prospectus for that particular company.

Agriculture, real estate, fixed income assets, and other assets all provide investment possibilities.

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You can only have ₦1000 locked in your account at any given time.

To prevent tampering, use a (Lock funds away) – SafeLock

PiggyVest has a feature called “Safelock” that allows users to set a time limit on how long they may keep their money locked up. By locking your money, you may make up to 13% interest on it. It functions in the same way as a fixed deposit.

It’s a piece of cake. If you have ₦300,000 in rent or school fees to pay each year, or if you simply happen to find some extra money, you may use SafeLock to keep it safe until you need it. To put it another way: to keep it from being spent. To lock a certain quantity of money, just enter the amount and the length of time you want it locked.

You will be compensated in advance for the interest. The money will be given to you automatically once the time period you choose has expired. You’re allowed to have an unlimited number of SafeLock accounts.

You can only have 1000 locked in your account at any given time.

The amount of money you wish to save by the deadline

This tool allows users to save money on their own or in groups with family and friends to achieve a certain goal. If you want to establish a company in 12 months, for example. You may set up a savings account exclusively for this purpose, called a target savings account. You may also ask your friends and family to help you in your efforts to save money. Once you’ve reached 70% of your goal, you’ll be able to withdraw free of charge on the day you choose. Savings with a 10 percent annual percentage yield are called “target savings.”

If you’re thinking of going on a vacation with your pals. You might set a savings goal for it. Invite your friends so that you can all begin saving together.

You may use a time frame of no less than 30 days.


To put it another way, PiggyFlex is the primary account into which all of your interest, savings, and savings goals are paid. You may take money out or send it to someone else from this location.

When you make a withdrawal from your PiggyBank, the money is transferred here. The same one you use for Investify, Safelock, and target savings.

You have the option of making a withdrawal at any moment and having it appear on your bank account immediately.

Dad and daughter saving money to piggy bank

To Sum it Up: My Final Verdict

Over 2,000,000 individuals have used PiggyVest since its debut in 2016 to better manage their money, prevent overspending, and be more responsible. When you’re on the move, you can still invest safely and confidently. Investing in pre-vetted investment possibilities may help you grow your money with confidence. 

When you use one of these PiggyVest programs to save, you’ll get 5% – 15% back. You may also automate or manually create a separate savings account to help you save money quicker. Put money in a savings account that you can’t touch until it reaches maturity. The equivalent of a personalized fixed deposit.

Yes, PiggyVest is completely secure and legitimate. Because it’s all done for you, you don’t have to worry about really preserving anything. Once you’ve set up your account, it’ll take care of the rest. In terms of safety, the NDIC ensures the system prevents you from losing your money in the event of a system failure.

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