Open University is Offering 1000+ Free Courses with Certificates

Through its OpenLearn platform, the Open University provides access to 800 different free online classes. In addition to this, they provide complimentary certificates of accomplishment, as well as badges on occasion. 

Open University has become one of Europe’s major academic institutions as the first university to provide online courses online. OpenLearn was launched in 2006 as the OCW platform for Open University.

It was founded in 1969 as a reaction to a government drive to increase access to higher education.

OpenLearn is organized as a collection of open educational resources (OER), which may take the shape of articles, podcasts, videos, or any of the more than 800 free online courses available.

You do not need to sign up for an account to access the many teaching resources on the platform since it prioritizes transparency.

However, if you opt to create an account, you can keep track of your progress and get a certificate of achievement after you finish a course.

As you can see up above, OpenLearn provides access to a diverse range of educational opportunities. 

The term “open educational resources” (OER) refers to instructional, academic, and research materials that have been purposefully developed and licensed to make it possible for the end user to own freely, distribute, and, in most instances, alter them.

The phrase Open Educational Resources (OER) refers to available materials and resources to the public and may be used, re-mixed, improved, and redistributed following certain permissions.

These aim to eliminate accessibility obstacles by following best practices in teaching and are meant to be customized for the particular circumstances in each locality.

All classes are on-demand, meaning they have no starting or ending date. Additionally, they are distributed under a Creative Commons license, which means you are permitted to use the course materials in situations that are not commercial.

As you can see in the example to the right, the books, videos, and audio files that make up a course are interspersed with one another, and the courses are rounded out with self-grading tasks like multiple-choice quizzes and tests.

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Access OpenLearn

The online courses that may be taken via OpenLearn come with a free completion certificate similar to the one seen above. Additionally, certain classes come with a complimentary badge upon completion.

To participate in a class via OpenLearn and receive free certifications and badges, follow these steps:

  1. Create an account with OpenLearn 
  2. Enroll in an OpenLearn course here
  3. Finish the course

You will mark things off your course to-do list as you review the materials and assignments. Once you have completed the course in its entirety, you will be able to get your free certificate.

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OpenLearn Course Categories

All OpenLearn courses are produced by The Open University, a global open and online learning pioneer. Almost a thousand courses are available for free in eight different academic areas. You can start most courses immediately.

1. Health, Sports & Psychology

How to best keep a healthy mind in a healthy body and the several vocations that might assist us in doing so. 

2. Money & Business

The working environment, the corporate world, and the money in your pocket all play important roles.

3. Education & Development

The process through which youngsters grow into fully developed adults and how we all continue to learn.

4. History & The Arts

Investigate topics like culture and conflict, as well as the things that make us human.

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5. Languages

Ensuring you are understood is essential to your success in any environment.

6. Nature & Environment

Explore this place we call home together and get to know the other animals that call it home.

7. Science, Maths & Technology

The laws that govern the cosmos and how we interact with them.

8. Society, Politics & Law

With such a large number of people, how do we get along with one another, and what are the consequences when we don’t?

To Sum it Up

The Open University can help you unlock the potential of your future. The Open University has been a leader in distance education for more than half a century, giving students the flexibility to balance their academic pursuits with other obligations.

You will have a learning experience that is both immersive and engaging thanks to the world-leading teaching methodologies and educational tools that they use, and you will get help from specialized tutors at every step of the way.

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