Nigeria’s health industry should expect major changes with Governor Yahaya Bello – SA

Governor Yahaya Bello’s Special Assistant for Youths and Students, Ahmadu Jibril, has warned Nigerians that if Bello is elected president in 2023, the country’s health sector would undergo major reforms.

Jibril delivered this statement on behalf of the governor on Saturday at the Nigerian Medical Students’ Association (NIMSA) 2021 International Health Summit in Abuja at the Baze University.

Jibril also praised President Muhammadu Buhari for his administration’s efforts to improve the health sector.

He added that:

“For any country to function, three sectors are very key; One is the health sector, second is the education sector and third is the security sector.

“These are part of the basis we are gathering here today, to identify how we can improve the quality of our lives through the quality of medical services to our people.

“As a governor, he has been able to manage COVID-19 pandemic in a very miraculous way that we did not die as it was assumed it will be.

“As a governor, he has been able to construct three ultra-modern hospitals, as a governor, he is working on establishing the largest diagnostics Center in Nigeria, in West Africa.

Nigeria better off in this system – Vice President, Yemi Osinbajo

Under Bello’s Presidency, Jibril encouraged Nigerians to anticipate all the advantages of a modern health system, including better salaries for physicians and insurance coverage.

Jibril said that Governor Bello’s New Direction Government has created an efficient and dependable health system that he is prepared to duplicate if elected President.

“Noncommunicable Disease in the COVID-19 Era” will be the topic of the 2021 International Health Summit of the Nigerian Medical Students Association (NIMSA). The NIMSA Policy paper was developed as a result of the book “Cancer as a Case Study.”

The document’s goal is to promote medical insurance and rape prevention in the community.

In his remarks, Jibril praised the Medical Students for their work on a policy paper, saying that it was a positive step toward their involvement in the country’s administration.

He said that only by obtaining your Permanent Voters Cards (PVCs) and participating in the political process will youths and students achieve the necessary transformation they have been clamoring for.

The organization’s Distinguished Leadership Award went to Bello as well.

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