Namecheap FastVPN Review 2021

Using a virtual private network (VPN) such as FastVPN is simple since it creates an encrypted connection to the Internet.

FastVPN enables users to surf anonymously online and unblock geo-restricted streaming services.

VPNs can be detected and blocked by network traffic sensors, but this VPN has features like Kill Switch and Auto-Connect to get around this.

Increase your profits while ensuring the safety of your audience’s online activities.

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Features of the FastVPN service

FastVPN is a fantastic choice for affiliates because of its low cost and high-quality service.

FastVPN is a fantastic choice for affiliates because of its low cost and high-quality service.

  1. Rapidly expanding network

Clients that use our VPN service appreciate how fast and effective it is. Streaming, remote work access, and internet gaming are all made easy with one device.

  1. Setup is a breeze

FastVPN‘s software is straightforward to set up, and the company provides step-by-by-step instructions for all of your devices. Your audience will have access to our helpful customer service representatives 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

  1. A Limitless amount of storage space

Streaming, downloading, and browsing the web are all possible from a safe location. FastVPN is a no-restrictions software that lets you share or watch big files.

  1. Safeguard each and every one of your gadgets

With one FastVPN account across all devices, your audience can work, watch, and surf the Internet anonymously.

  1. Protection against DNS leaks

You’ll be able to tell which websites and applications you’ve been utilizing if your DNS (Domain Name System) is compromised. Your audience will be safe from such breaches thanks to FastVPN‘s secure DNS.

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  1. Encryption of communications

FastVPN uses well-known and secure protocols like IKEv2 and OpenVPN to shield its customers from both targeted and indiscriminate assaults.

  1. Seventy-five different sites and over a thousand servers

There are servers in more than 75 different cities across 50 different nations, so you can select the connection you want, including specific cities in each region.

  1. No-logs

FastVPN‘s no-logs promise means we’ll never keep track of or record the surfing activities of your customers. It’s private what they look up on the internet.

  1. Never be vulnerable again with Always Protected + Kill Switch

If a VPN user’s connection drops, Kill Switch immediately shuts off all Internet traffic. The privacy and IP address of your audience will be safe even if their server crashes.

Free VPN trial – protect yourself online!

Benefits of Using FastVPN‘s services

It is possible to circumvent Internet restrictions using FastVPN.
  1. Very good price-to-quality ratio

You’ll get a great VPN service at a great price with us.

  1. Help to sell a high-quality item

Because of our VPN service’s low pricing and widespread use, we expect to see an increase in conversions and product ratings.

  1. Security while using public Wi-Fi

Instead of worrying about being hacked when using public Wi-Fi, users can surf the web anonymously while still securely accessing business files.

  1. Select from a number of different price options

You can offer your audience the opportunity to test out our monthly plan or our year-long plan.

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  1. A Simple and Intuitive User Interface

Users of any level of VPN expertise can benefit from our app’s ease of use.

  1. Take pleasure in limitless access to streaming content

Video, films, and games can be sent everywhere

  1. Support for customers 24 hours per day, seven days per week

If your target audience has any VPN-related concerns, our helpful customer care representatives are here to answer their inquiries.

  1. Unblock online pages that have been censored

Restrictions on access to websites and online material are common in many nations as well as schools and institutions. It is possible to circumvent Internet restrictions using FastVPN.

  1. Investigate discreetly on the internet

In order to conceal their true location, FastVPN gives each user a random IP address.

  1. Make sure your wireless router is secure

By enabling FastVPN on your router, you’ll safeguard all of the devices connected to your Wi-Fi network from harm.

Free VPN trial – protect yourself online!

What is the Procedure for Setting up FastVPN?

  1. Choose your preferred plan from the FastVPN website

Your Namecheap account will be requested as soon as you click the Get started button for the purpose of creating a brand-new account.

Enter your payment information and confirm your purchase of the FastVPN software after you’ve logged in.

FastVPN for Android can be downloaded by selecting the Download on PlayStore button under “Download VPN for Android Devices” and then following the on-screen instructions that appear.

The FastVPN symbol will show in the menu bar as soon as the Android software has been successfully installed on your phone or tablet. To login into your current Namecheap account, click this icon:

  1. The Connect VPN screen will appear after you’ve successfully signed in

Click the Connect button and choose OK on the Connection Request pop-up to create a new VPN configuration:

Once you’ve been given access, you have the option of connecting to a VPN server shown on a map or letting the service pick the most suitable location for you automatically (i.e. the location with the most preferable download speed, latency, and distance for a user).

Distance between you and the server determines how much delay you’ll experience. The amount of time it takes to complete a task is also determined by the routing devices’ efficiency and quality.

The Connect VPN page allows you to do the following things:

Start by pressing Connect the Connect button to choose the best available spot.

Click on your pre-registered preferred places or the desired site from the list of all available locations to connect:

As soon as a connection is made, the following information will be updated:

  • Click the “star” symbol as shown below to add places to your Favorites.
  • Click on the Settings button to log out of the app.

You’ll find the following options under Network Settings:

With the Auto Reconnect function of FastVPN‘s security options, you’ll never have to remember to manually create a secure connection again.

Protocols for establishing connections:

  • OpenVPN (TCP)
  • OpenVPN (UDP)

OpenVPN Ports:

  • 123
  • 443
  • 1194
  • 8293

Display Data Usage to monitor Downloads and Uploads discreetly. Only you will be able to see them.

You will find the following options under General Preferences:

The “Chat with a Live Person” option under customer service enables you to speak with a member of our support staff directly.

You can see our rules and policies by clicking this link:

A policy on privacy and the conditions under which services are provided

Free VPN trial – protect yourself online!

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