Interventions by the FG aimed at increasing farmers’ capabilities

Rifan’s president, Aminu Goronyo, says that the CBN’s Anchor Borrowers Program (ABP) has enhanced the ability of Nigerian farmers in their efforts to ensure food security.

According to Goronyo, who spoke to NAN on Wednesday in Abuja, this was something he stated.

The CBN and RIFAN had just unveiled massive rice pyramids in Abuja when he spoke.

CBN’s intervention program has enhanced the number of agricultural seasons, resulting in a higher food supply, he said

Before this year, we had only one cropping season, the wet season. During the dry season, farmers did not plant any crops.

“Before now we had one cropping season, which was the wet season. Farmers were not cultivated during the dry season.

“But now, with the support of the CBN through the ABP, we can do two dry season farming with one wet season farming, making three,’’

According to RIFAN’s President, the rice on exhibit in the pyramids was borrowed by recipients of the ABP and repaid to the Central Bank.

“The right thing is to hand it over to the CBN that funded the project so that they will sell it to integrated rice millers and small-scale rice millers at a subsided rate.

“This will ensure that the final consumer can buy rice at an affordable price,’’ 

A sign of Nigeria’s progress toward food self-sufficiency.

“It will inspire Nigerians to believe that they can now cultivate their food. We don’t need any more imported rice since we have so much food now,” 

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