House of Representative to include Kwara Roads in 2022 Budget

As a result of the poor state of the roads, members of Congress have asked for their inclusion in the 2022 budget to be made a priority.

Representative Tunji Olawuyi, who represents Ekiti, Isin, Irepodun, and Oke-Ero Federal Constituency in Kwara State, had proposed the measure on Tuesday in Abuja. It was approved by voice vote.

The House instructed the Appropriations, Finance, and Works Standing Committees to include the road completion money into the 2022 Budget.

Ajase-Ipo, Omu-Aran, Eruku-Egbe, and Kabba roads were also given a mandate by the House to the Standing Committee on Federal Road Repair Agency (FERMA) to guarantee compliance with urgent maintenance requirements for ease of travel.

According to Olawuyi, the Federal Government, via the Federal Ministry of Works and Housing, owns all Trunk A highways connecting different states of the Federation.

He went on to say that many of the nation’s interstate highways, particularly those that link the North and the South, had been neglected for a long time.

He says it’s because the relevant authorities didn’t provide any funding.

This route from Ajase-Ipo in Kwara State to Eruku-Egbe in Kogi State, through Omu-Aran, then Kabba in Kogi State, is “a Federal Road,” according to him.

When asked about the lack of significant Federal Ministry of Works and Housing building projects on the road, he voiced concern.

He stated that despite many deaths and injuries caused by preventable accidents along the vital route, no significant work had been done to repair or rebuild the road.

Agricultural products could be transported to metropolitan areas like the Federal Capital Territory, according to the legislator who claimed the route was a feasible option.

As he sees it, the poor condition of the Ajase-Ipo, Omu-Aran, Eruku-Egbe, and Kabba roads makes it easy for armed criminals and kidnappers to operate.

These criminal individuals, according to him, engaged in terrible actions on the road, putting thousands of motorists in danger and even causing some to die.

When traveling from Abuja or Kabba, motorists frequently have no choice but to use the deplorable Kabba – Omu-Aran road via Ekiti State to reach Kwara.

He pleaded with the federal government via the Federal Roads Maintenance Agency (FERMA) for immediate action to repair the highway.

He said that this will relieve commuters of the strain of driving great distances to get to Kwara State immediately.

Because of this, the House called on the Federal Ministry of Construction and Housing to take the required measures to fix the road.

Ajase-Ipo-Omu-Aran-Eruku-Egbe-Kabba road was also recommended to be dualized by the House, according to Minister of Works Babatunde Fashola.

According to the House, the concrete cement may be put to good use in the ministry’s initiative. “which is far less expensive and easier to maintain,” while asking the government to make repairing it a top priority right now.

It also instructed the Appropriations, Finance, and Works Standing Committees to include in the 2022 Budget the money for the completion of the Ajase-Ipo – Omu-Aran – Eruku-Egbe – Kabba road.

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