30 Gele Styles for Round Face

As the yuletide season fast approaches and the number of owambes that you need to attend increases, this article will help you find the perfect gele style to look radiant and beautiful. 

As you already know, Gele is a Nigerian woman’s tiara. 

A typical Nigerian woman must not take it lightly because it is the crowning moment of her traditional clothing. 

A Gele can be worn by the bride and her guests on her wedding day.

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It is very uncommon for wedding guests to obsessively follow the current gele fads, ignoring what suits their face type.

Many forms, sizes, and materials are available for your gele. When it comes to wearing your crowning glory, your facial shape should be taken into consideration.

To assist you to be a fantastic and stunning wedding guest at your next owambe, to help you tie your next gele to fit your facial shape.

Tips on Gele styles for round face

Tip 1: Avoid wearing your gele in a round shape

Balance your face shape and opt for big and beautiful! Asymmetrical shapes worn at an angle will compliment your features

Typically characterized by wide cheekbones, a wide forehead, and a pointy chin. You can pretty much wear any style. Experiment, as the possibilities are endless!

Wear a ’round’ gele shape for a softer appearance. This will simply lengthen your face.

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Tip 2: Avoid Styles with Crowns

Again, the choices are virtually limitless in this regard. Avoid designs with crowns that are smaller than your cheekbones, on the other hand, if possible.

In conclusion, the broadness of your chin will be balanced by a gele with a small tilt or built at an angle. Sharp points near the top of the gele should be avoided.

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