Foundation Creates App to Help Nigerians in Crisis

CWCDA, or the civic Citizens’ Welfare and Community Development Africa (CWCDA), has developed an app to help Nigerians in times of need.

Abiose, Olajide, stated during the app’s debut in Abuja that the Open Society of West Africa helped create the software, which is called “Backup” (OSIWA).

When it comes to preventing police violence against people, Abiose says the Backup app, a new digital intervention platform for law enforcement, will provide a more effective method for intervening and collecting evidence.

He went on to say that it would also help with case management and prevent problems related to police brutality and that it would help organizations identify officers who were damaging their reputations.

In order to utilize new technology to address social and development issues in Africa, the CANs foundation was established as a nonprofit organization.”

“Backup was designed as a response to Nigeria’s ongoing issue of police violence.

“We created the app to offer young Nigerians a fighting chance at justice and assistance in times of need.”

According to the app’s description, “the app works by assisting you to trigger an emergency, share your current position and information, particularly video and audio sound in real-time to both of your emergency contacts and other stakeholders who can intervene for you.”

Abiose said that the software may be used for a variety of creative reasons despite its anti-brutality emphasis.

So, I’m not shocked when individuals utilize it for robbery or abduction since it lets others know what you’re going through at a certain moment in time.

According to him, “It then provides them with your location, so that they may come and offer intervention.”

Mr. Backup said that the foundation’s aim was to engage with law enforcement authorities in order to assist them in identifying the hot spots where these events happened.

Abiose said that it would also provide them access to real-time data on what is occurring throughout the nation in terms of how people are faring under the authority of their police.

According to him, the foundation had already started working with police complaint units and other organizations that were specifically set up to handle complaints of this kind.

A young person complained about the Backup app, and as a technology-driven NGO, it felt it was appropriate to offer a creative way to solve the issue, according to Mr. Anthony Eromosele, CANs Programme Lead.

When young people cry about human rights abuses, you don’t know where they’ve gone because they don’t come home.

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Since kids frequently complain about these breaches, we felt compelled to create an app that allows them to directly report the perpetrators.

Using the Backup app, Eromosele said that family members could maintain tabs on loved ones who used the app to report an emergency scenario or to find out where they were transported if detained.

He said that the software was accessible on a variety of app shops, including Google Play and Apple’s App Store, and that a USSD code will be given for low-income workers without smartphones to automatically record and report violent incidents.

Because “we believe the app created should be a clear forward procedure,” according to CANs Foundation Product Associate Latifah Adesanyan, using the app was easy.

Adesanya said that the reason for this was that the foundation recognized the importance of being able to notify an emergency as quickly as possible.

When you use Backup, all you have to do is press the red button that says a report for self,’ and the system will automatically start recording what’s going on with your camera as soon as you do it.

As part of the sign-up procedure, you are required to provide an emergency contact name and phone number.

Nigerians should thus be their brother’s keepers by reporting instances for themselves or others, as she urged them. In order for Nigerians to help one other, she added, “we thought of this.”

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