Coinmarketcap Oasis Network Quiz Answers: Learn & Earn $10 ROSE

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From 2022.02.21 (12:00 UTC) through 2022.03.22, the Oasis Network Learn & Earn promotion will be in full force (23:59:59 PM UTC).

To finish the quiz, you’ll need to learn about Oasis Network if you haven’t already. The answers to the Oasis Network quiz are below.

Take the Coinmarketcap Quiz to learn and earn some Coinmarketcap credits.

Create a new coinmarketcap account by clicking the link provided below.

During the registration process, you may be requested to input the referral code (XQW6VFQN).

Take the Coinmarketcap Oasis Network Quiz by clicking here.

The quiz can only be started once you have completed the captcha and agreed to the conditions of the site.

The email address you used to register on Coinmarketcap must be entered.

If you know your Binance username, What is the best way to locate your unique Binance User ID? For more information, go to Binance and click on “Profile.” Make a copy of your User ID.

Create a Binance account using this link if you don’t already have one.

The Oasis Network quiz may be completed here. The answers are at the bottom of the page.

Oasis Network (ROSE) tokens should be added to the public watchlist.

What Is a Blockchain Fork and How Does It Work?

All the answers to Oasis Network Learn & Earn

Before submitting the quiz, do some research and double-check your answers. 

NB:These responses are provided only as a courtesy to anyone who may be interested.

Q1) What is the Oasis Protocol?

Answer: A scalable Layer 1 blockchain that can expand DeFi beyond early adopters into mass-market adoption

Q2) Why is Oasis ideal for DeFi?

Answer: All of the above

Q3) What is the ROSE token capped at?

Answer: 10 billion

Q4) What is the ROSE token used for?

Answer: Staking and securing the safety of the Network

Q5) What is YuzuSwap?

Answer: The first DEX built by community developers on Oasis

Q6) Who are some of the backers of the $200 million Oasis Ecosystem Fund?

Answer: Pantera

Q7) What do Oasis’ privacy-preserving features facilitate?

Answer: Confidential computation and defense against MEV to bring DeFi to the mainstream market

Q8) What is Emerald?

Answer: An EVM compatible ParaTime

What is Oasis Network all about?

Using Oasis Network, DeFi may go from early adopters to mainstream usage.

One of the top two invested blockchains by finances, Messari reports, the team just launched a huge $200 million oasis ecosystem fund sponsored by key industry supporters.

Oasis’ privacy-protecting capabilities and private calculation can keep sensitive data such as financial information and personal identification on-chain.

It’s now possible to make private loans and loans with weak collateral.

As a result of its 99 percent reduced gas prices compared to Ethereum, its fast throughput, privacy protection, and resistance to MEV attacks, Oasis Network is excellent for DeFi applications.

The Oasis Network is more scalable than other blockchains because it divides consensus and computing into two separate levels.

In this way, the network can handle a large number of complicated transactions at a high level of performance.

It is meant to grow with the network. When it comes to Consensus layer support for Rollups, it is unique.

A million transactions per second are possible on Oasis, where transactions may scale up to 1000 per second per paratime.

EVM-compatible Paratime Oasis Emerald makes it simple to integrate with EVM-based DApps, and the Wormhole bridge is already operational, allowing cross-chain compatibility.

In the Consensus layer of the Oasis blockchain, the ROSE currency is utilized for staking, delegating, and transaction fees. A total of 10 billion ROSE tokens will be issued.

Users that stake ROSE tokens may receive incentives of up to 12% APY for helping to keep the network safe and secure.

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