Aisha Buhari backs cancer charity

She has stated her unwavering support for the OCI Foundation and its efforts to combat breast and cervical cancer in Nigeria.

This was Buhari’s proclamation during the national launch of the ArOY Anti-Cancer Health Campaign on Thursday in Abuja.

According to the Nigerian news agency, Mrs. Dolapo Yemi Osinbajo, the wife of Vice President Yemi Osinbajo, represented the president’s wife.

Organization by OCI Foundation and NYSC, as well as assistance from the Nigerian Cancer Society (NCS), First Ladies Against Cancer (FLAC), Sweet Home Africa Humanitarian Foundation, and others, went down.

To lower the death rate connected with cervical cancer, we must do everything we can.

The campaign’s My Future Assured Initiative has done a lot of work.

We must do more and collaborate with organizations like NCS and OCI Foundation until cancer-related health consequences are eliminated.

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The OCI Foundation and the battle against cancer, in general, have my full support. I’d want to make use of this platform to urge those involved in the fight against cancer to step up their efforts to raise public awareness of the disease.

It’s necessary to come up with fresh concepts like this cascade campaign to secondary schools, she added.

Shuaibu Ibrahim, the head of the Nigerian National Youth Service Corps (NYSC), made a statement on the importance of health care in his opening remarks.

Mrs. Victoria Ango, the Director of Corps Mobilization at the NYSC Headquarters, was in charge of representing Ibrahim.

“It is therefore gratifying to note that the partnership between the OCI Foundation and the NYSC corps members for awareness on Cancer would not have come at a better time than now.

“The awareness might, among other things, reduce medical tourism and conserve the hard-earned foreign currency of Nigerians.

“Thus, creating awareness to enable Nigerians to prevent or better manage this ailment is quite commendable. The NYSC is far more determined than you can imagine to carry out the awareness to all the nooks and crannies of Nigeria.”

Because of this, the relationship between the OCI Foundation and the NYSC corps members to raise awareness about cancer could not have happened at a better moment.

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Awareness, among other things, may limit medical tourism and save Nigerians’ hard-earned foreign dollars.

Aiming to educate Nigerians about the disease to help them avoid it is admirable. The NYSC is more dedicated than you could have ever imagined to carry out the task at hand, bringing it to the attention of Nigerians everywhere.

Ibrahim stated.

“I applaud the OCI Foundation’s tremendous efforts and sacrifices in making this initiative a success. “May God provides the grace to every stakeholder to continue the program and achieve the intended effect,” 

ArOY Health Campaign provides a new strategy to stopping breast and cervical cancer in Nigeria, according to the President of the OCI Foundation, Prof. Chris Ifediora.

As he sees it, the concepts underlying it are innovative and were created via research supported by the Foundation and her colleagues.

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In addition to the Harvard Medical School in the United States, the program is sponsored by WHO and approved by institutions in Australia, Canada, and Sweden.

Campaigners want to include anti-breast and anti-cervical programming into NYSC orientation programs throughout Nigeria.

“It is a program supported by WHO and endorsed by the prestigious Harvard Medical School, the USA as well as institutions in Australia, Canada, and Sweden.

“The campaign seeks to introduce the anti-breast and anti-cervical program into the NYSC orientation activities across Nigeria.

“It also aims to include preventive teachings into the academic curriculum of all Senior Secondary Schools in Nigeria’s 36 state of the federation and the FCT before the end of 2025.

“The program with the NYSC is expected to commence with the Batch A of the 2022 corps members, which should be within a few weeks from now.

“We have already trained over 95 percent of the personnel needed, and these include staff of NYSC and the Nigerian Cancer Society across the 36 States and FCT,” 

A few weeks from now, the first batch of 2022 NYSC corps members will begin the program with the NYSC.

For the 36 states and the Federal Capital Territory, the Nigerian Cancer Society and the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) have already been trained, according to Ifediora.

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Members of the Presidency and National Assembly, as well as representatives from the National Orientation Agency (NOA), Ministry of Women Affairs (MWA), Nnamdi Azikiwe University (NAU), and the National Career Service (NCS), attended the occasion.

In NAN’s view, the event’s most memorable moment was the award-giving.

For the “Gynocylar Project,” the OCI Foundation gave a breast and cervical cancer center to the Apo Resettlement Primary Health Care Center in Abuja on Wednesday.

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