77-month NITEL/MTEL pensioners write Buhari

Pensioners from NITEL/MTEL write to President Buhari to complain about 77 months arrears.

Nigerian Telecommunications Limited (NITEL/MTEL) pensioners have appealed to President Muhammadu Buhari for intervention in their 77-month pension arrears, notwithstanding his original instruction to do so.

It was stated in a letter to President Buhari, written by members of the worried NITEL/MTEL Pensioners and signed by the group’s head, Mr. Kunle Ojo, that although the fates of most of their colleagues in other privatized government institutions have been resolved, their destiny is still in doubt.

This is why they consistently remind the Executive Secretary of the Pension Transitional Arrangement Directorate (PTAD) in their letters that the settlement of their pension arrears is contingent on the federal government’s releasing the appropriate monies.

The group said in their statement:

“Your Excellency Sir, we NITEL/MTEL pensioners deeply appreciate your humanitarian gesture of reinstating our pensions. We humbly bring to your notice that we are still owed 77 months in arrears.”

A statement from the organization said, 

“What ails us is that you have issued executive orders providing the entire settlement to the vast majority of our peers in other privatized government departments.

The seniors said that they are not unaware of the President’s magnanimity in looking after the welfare of the underprivileged and old, as he pledged in his inauguration address, and that they appreciate it.

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However, the letter stated that the settlement of their arrears is still a priority, and they requested that Mr. President use his exalted office to make this possible by the end of this fiscal year in 2021, as promised. 

They expressed their confidence that this is achievable because the executive secretary of PTAD has unambiguously promised to settle the said arrears this year, and that as of now, no action has been taken even as the year comes to a close.

The group expressed dissatisfaction with her for reminding them consistently (and in a frustrating manner) that the payment of our arrears is contingent on the receipt of money by the federal government.

They pleaded with the President to intervene because many of them have died while waiting for the fulfillment of the promise, and those who are still alive are equally vulnerable if they do not receive the full amount of their arrears to be able to take care of a variety of medical and other problem.

They said that the payment of their debts was one of the shining examples of the President’s administration’s accomplishments.

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