7 Efficient Ways You can use to Make Money on YouTube

Do you want to learn how to start making money on YouTube? or Do you make money on YouTube already and want to make even more? If your answer is yes, then this article is for you. YouTube is the most profitable and successful network right now. Money leads the eye everywhere it goes. People are abandoning mainstream television, and accessing video content on mobile devices and this has led to the major development that is allowing millions of people to make money on YouTube.

So how do you monetize YouTube? Making money on YouTube does not imply that you would just post a few videos. If you wish to make money on YouTube, you must consistently post high-quality content and create a large audience and fan base. Before we get into how to make money on YouTube, the first thing you can do is identify your niche.

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Do you make money on YouTube from just likes?

You would not make more money on YouTube if your videos get a large number of likes. The number of likes under a video implicitly ensures that it is classified higher in the search. As a result, more viewers will watch your video. Let me get to the most important metric for making money on YouTube: the number of videos. For example, since most advertisements run on a cost-per-click basis, the more people who have seen your videos, the more people you can buy from you. The most popular your video is in terms of clicks, the more money you can make on YouTube. The amount you receive per click is determined by your popularity, the consistency of the channel, and its duration.

It makes no difference how many subscribers the YouTube channel has to make profits. Since you should not get more or less money based on the number of subscribers. Nonetheless, you must prioritize obtaining the greatest number of subscribers possible. That a large number of customers is a positive performance measure when it comes to contract agreements, such as product positioning or cost per click. In addition, the greater the subscriber base, the more possible it is that your videos will be viewed by a large number of viewers.

Know your audience

According to experts, knowing who your audience is will make you appealing to marketers, supporters, and partners outside of the YouTube domain. Understanding the demographics of your target markets will help you capitalize on chances to create your audience and earn money in several ways. You will better understand your audience and collaborate with brands if you have this demographic information (gender, age, geographic place, and time).

How much can you make money from Ads?

In most situations, you are compensated as audiences see the commercial. I believe you may be interested in knowing how much YouTubers get paying per video or how many views it takes to make money on YouTube. YouTube developers are compensated based on two metrics: the number of ad impressions and ad clicks. To be charged, you must ensure that your viewer clicks through to the advertiser or watched the commercial for at least 30 seconds. Further, about 15% of audiences were converted into advertisement sales. As a result, you can begin by measuring how much your video would be worth.

Most advertisers spend about $ 7.60 for 1,000 impressions on average. However, don’t demand the whole $7.60 to be paid into your AdSense account because YouTube wants to make money as well. Google and you split the advertisement revenue made on YouTube. Google/YouTube keeps 45 percent of all advertisement revenue produced by YouTube. Then you take the remaining 55%. Simply put, if you earned an average of $ 7.60 for 1,000 views, your real earnings will be $ 4.18.

If you are just getting started on YouTube, you should find a niche. You would eventually get a rather concentrated audience. As a result, advertisers are willing to pay a premium, and you will begin earning money.

7 Time-tested ways to make money on a YouTube channel

  1. Make revenue from YouTube advertisements

One of the simplest ways to make money on YouTube is to run advertisements on your videos. Previously, anybody could make money on YouTube. This, however, has improved since January 2018. Google has set the bar for displaying advertisements on your channel. Before you can watch commercials, you must first sign up for the YouTube Affiliate Program (YPP).

However, if you wish to access the YPP, you must have 4,000 hours of video streaming time and 1,000 subscribers in the previous 12 months.

2. License your content

If you make a famous movie, you will make a lot of money by licensing it to the public. When your clips go viral, TV news stations, morning magazines, internet news pages, and other media sources are willing to pay decent money to use them. Meanwhile, you can list your videos on a marketplace like Juken Media, where anyone can quickly locate and purchase your content.

There are ways to make your videos go viral with ease and in lesser time. You can use tools like Sprizzy to help you grow your channel, get the much-needed attention and monetize it.

3. Sell your products or services

Behind Google, YouTube is the world’s second-biggest search engine. As a result, we must not overlook this vast resource. Selling merchandise such as t-shirts, coffee mugs, tote bags, snapbacks, and so on will extend your online brand and style into the physical world, increasing your visibility and deepening your friendship with your fans. If you already have a product to sell, you can use a resource like Shopify to set up an eCommerce store.

4. Crowdfunding/Crowdsourcing

If you have a fantastic idea but lack the necessary funds, you can try crowdfunding. Crowdfunding is where a group of supporters contribute funds. If you need assistance with purchasing better tools, recruiting actors, or paying other production expenses, you can film a video detailing the idea or including a preview of what it would look like. Make this video so exciting that people can’t wait to donate to your cause! You can also guide visitors to your donation locations by using interactive maps.

5. Rent your video

Your videos can be rented for real money, much like a pay-per-view service. Not only can you set the amount of video you want to rent in the Creator Studio, but also you can even make an appealing trailer to inspire viewers to purchase.

6. Collaborate with brands/labels

Brands and advertisement companies all around the world market their goods and services by investing in individuals who have won their intended audience’s interest and confidence.

7. Send traffic to collaborate (affiliate) links

Affiliate marketing is a common way to earn money online. Affiliate relations can be used in a variety of ways. The Amazon partner connection is the most popular. For example, you must first register with Amazon, then connect your audiences to a product that you endorse through your special links, and then receive a percentage of the final sales amount.

In addition, you can create offline events where you get to meet your audience, which can help you create an even better group. Next, plan live shows for times when the crowd is present and committed. In the meantime, you can sell merchandise or event tickets.


Sponsorships and advertisements can be seen in the videos of the most famous YouTubers. With advertising capital, you do not have to give YouTube a cut and can negotiate contracts based on views and audience size. In short, making money on YouTube is not easy, but it is still not difficult. Making money on YouTube requires a significant amount of time and effort, but it is an excellent way to expand your sales possibilities and develop your business. You can also use the strategies mentioned above to make money on YouTube. First, consider where you are on your YouTube trip. Then, after some trial and error, devise a moneymaking strategy that works for both you and your target audience.

I hope you found this article useful. Please let me know if you have any other successful ideas that work well for you by leaving them in the comments below.

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