65 Blog Niches that Make Money in Nigeria 2022

You’re not alone if you’re starting as a Nigerian blogger and are curious about the most popular blog topics. It’s an issue that practically everyone who begins a blog eventually encounters.

All Nigerian bloggers have the same objective: to identify and choose blog topics that create the most traffic and, therefore, the most revenue.

Nobody wants to write on a subject that requires substantial effort or sacrifice to attract readers and generate income. Choosing the incorrect market segment might result in a significant amount of wasted effort and frustration.

To avoid such a situation, I have chosen to research and write about the top 65 Nigerian blog niches that generate visitors and revenue.

This post will clarify how to pick a niche for a website.

A blog is a frequently updated website or webpage accessible over the Internet. 

The content of a blog can include any mix of text, images, and even video. 

Typically, a conversational tone is used while giving them.

After the emergence of notable Nigerian bloggers like Linda Ikeji, Omoyele Sowore, and Noble Igwe, blogging became an in-demand talent among content providers, journalists, and the general public. 

Today, WordPress, BlueHost, Tiktok, and Instagram platforms make it simple for anybody to create a website or social media profile and start contributing content for free.

The ultimate objective of any blogger should be to generate a substantial volume of traffic by posting engaging content. 

Long-term traffic is lucrative. Nonetheless, significant strategic decisions must be taken. 

Choosing the optimal target market for a product or service is one of them.

Hundreds of blog niches might attract readers in Nigeria, and the competition is usually fierce. 

Here is a list of the top sixty-five blog topic suggestions for attracting Nigerian visitors that you can use on your website.

There are a variety of blog niches available in Nigeria, but let’s first make sure we’re on the right road by defining the “blogging niche.”

What Are the Steps to Creating a Blog in Nigeria?

Creating a blog is surprisingly uncomplicated to do! You will only need the following:

  • domain name will serve as your website’s URL (ex. yourwebsite.com
  • A hosting web package that gives you enough capacity on the server to save all of your content and files. Namecheap is my favorite when it comes to domain registration and hosting. Get over 58% off here.
  • A blogging platform like WordPress.
  • You are now able to begin the process of developing amazing content for your brand-new blog site.

What exactly is a blog’s “niche”?

The word “blog niche” refers to a blogger’s ability to publish about a certain subject or area of expertise continuously. 

Choosing a topic for a blog and sticking to a regular posting schedule are the first steps to becoming an expert in a certain field.

The scenario is beneficial for both the Blogger and his website. 

He will simultaneously become a thinking leader and earn money. 

In this post, we’ll describe the ten most lucrative blog topics for making money in Nigeria in detail.

Unique blog subjects can help them stand out from the competition. 

And if you select the right one, you’ll be well on producing money from your site in no time.

Choosing a subject for a blog post in Nigeria can be challenging, particularly for those unfamiliar with the country’s culture.

You likely already addressed the first two concerns before beginning this project. 

It is essential to find a topic that fascinates you and delivers great material for your blog. 

This is known as restricting the focus of your blog. For the third, a little more investigation will be required.

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Why Do I Need a Niche for My Blog?

Before you can assess the potential reach, you must do keyword research to demonstrate that the niche’s issues are legitimate. 

If you follow these procedures, you will be able to determine if there is sufficient interest in the topic for you to launch a successful blog. 

A paywall, advertising, and sponsored content are feasible possibilities for earning long-term money from a blog. 

This will be known before beginning the procedure.

If a blog topic suggestion does not meet all of these requirements, it should be abandoned in favor of one that does. 

Regardless of how much you know or care, if your job does not affect a huge number of people or generate income, it will be very challenging to remain dedicated to it.

How to choose a lucrative niche for your blog

Before deciding on a profitable niche for a niche blog in Nigeria, there are several aspects to consider. 

I’ll walk you through these particulars to have a deeper grasp of them.

Step 1: Identify the areas that interest you the most

Many individuals like reading stuff that is both entertaining and informative. In contrast, search engines want your content to stand out.

If you want your readers to act, you must write about topics pertinent to your field of expertise. 

It can be tough to generate original content for your website if you choose a subject about which you know nothing and possibly cannot even talk.

Instead of choosing a subject based on its popularity, why not write about something you have expertise in? 

It need not be your primary concern. Anything from your favorite sport to your profession can be a source of inspiration. 

In other words, it should be something that excites you to speak about.

Creating a list of topics you like discussing might make the task much easier. Before deciding on a blog subject, consider a range of alternatives. 

Think again about how wonderful you believe your understanding to be! Even if you haven’t considered it, an option will provide a superior outcome.

Step 2: Recognize your competitors

After selecting an area of interest and a level of competence, the next step is assessing the niche’s competitiveness. 

Choosing a less crowded field increases your chances of winning. 

With intense competition, however, it can be challenging to rank on the first page of Google’s search results. 

Consequently, finding a market segment with less competition is generally prudent. 

UberSuggest, for example, can be useful in this circumstance.

Step 3: Get Serious About Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

If you do extensive SEO research, you will learn a great deal about your specialized field. 

For instance, the total number of searches and the most important terms. 

Search engine optimization (SEO) can increase traffic to your specialized website by focusing on frequently-searched keywords. 

It is not enough to write about things that affect you; you must also write about things others find interesting. 

A large amount of search engine traffic suggests a great earning potential. 

To determine whether or not your topic is profitable, you need SEO research.

Characteristics of Highly Effective Blogs

Successful blogs have several features, including those listed below.

  1. To be able to create a blog, you must have a clear understanding of its purpose. Is it monetary? Fame? Assisting others in overcoming a particular obstacle? Many bloggers fail to get very far in their professions because they lack a specific objective when they begin.
  2. The finest quality information Regardless of the subject you select, you can write about anything as long as your blog entries are constantly of high quality. As a website owner, you are responsible for ensuring that all of the content provides visitors with value.
  3. The Audience’s Interest: To attract a huge audience, a blog must be able to captivate its readers. It is essential for readers to feel like they are a part of the conversation, as it encourages them to continue reading and contributing regularly.
30 Ways to Make Money Online in Nigeria 2022

How to Make Money from your Blog in Nigeria

Provide options for paid membership

In addition to sharing your opinions, your blog postings are an expression of yourself. 

Your writings express who you are as a person via a mix of your past experiences, current knowledge, and distinctive viewpoint. 

They attract readers because they provide something of value, whether it’s professional advice, life-hacking skills, personal empowerment, or another kind of instruction. 

Your postings should be accessible to everyone, but you can like to charge a fee to members who desire access to more exclusive material.

Consider providing a portion of the premium content for free to convince users that purchasing it is worthwhile. 

Providing these free samples to your readers as something to try can stimulate their curiosity and encourage them to continue reading your site. 

Clarify in your editorial schedule which blog articles will stay exclusive to subscribers and which will be made accessible to all of your readers. 

This will help you retain a sense of equilibrium throughout your magazine.

It is also possible to charge a monthly or annual subscription fee to access your content. 

This is a common tactic that has been detailed in several web resources. 

Freelance blogging is a wonderful choice

It is also feasible to generate income from your blog by providing articles to popular blogs in your field of expertise as a freelance writer. 

Even if you don’t have many readers yet, your blog entries can serve as a portfolio of your work, and you can use them to get freelance writing jobs on other websites. 

You can write for other blogs using your material to demonstrate your experience and authority on the issue. 

If you are skilled, you can even be able to make it your full-time career.

You can locate freelance writing possibilities similar to this on job forums or by contacting firms that publish brands. 

Include a link to your blog in your profile to demonstrate your writing talents and knowledge, regardless of the job path you choose.

Earn money through ads

One of the most effective methods to earn money from a blog is by showing adverts and making money for each click. 

One of the major advantages of this choice is that it demands less work from the Blogger. 

The only remaining procedures are creating an account on an internet advertising platform and linking it to your website.

As a publisher using Google AdSense, you have total control over the advertisements on your website and who sees them, allowing you to ensure that they are relevant to your target audience. 

In addition, you can customize the advertisements’ appearance to fit your website’s aesthetics and branding. 

You can earn money by adding Google AdSense advertisements on your Namecheap-created blog, which your readers can click on to generate revenue.

To generate revenue from advertisements, you must ensure that they are relevant to your audience’s interests. 

People that visit your site for health and wellness information are often not interested in clicking on real estate advertisements. 

Instead, it would help if you searched for advertisements encouraging health and well-being, or at the very least, anything related to health.

Start your affiliate marketing

Some bloggers seeking to monetize their websites can consider affiliate marketing. 

A blogger and a company enter into an affiliate program in which the Blogger promotes the business’s goods in exchange for a commission on any sales generated by the blog. 

Affiliate marketing is characterized by a scenario in which all parties involved benefit.

This performance-based revenue model can provide the most effective outcomes when both firms target the same clientele. 

Choosing a corporation that will pique your audience’s attention is required before proceeding. 

If you do not, leads and sales will be less likely to come your way. 

Your interaction with the firm will facilitate the marketing of your brand. 

Your sales presentation can be improved by connecting the product’s worth and the organic information you provide.

Even though there are several affiliate programs, Amazon Associates is a popular option for beginners. 

If they include Amazon product links in their blog articles, an Amazon Associate can earn commissions on any sales generated from their website.

Sponsored Content

The development of sponsored content that promotes a certain product or service is another alternative. 

A kind of advertising often beneficial for businesses is an excellent approach to monetizing a blog.

The first step is to discover a company ready to collaborate with you. Even if a corporation contacts you directly, you should still reach out and enquire about cooperation options.

Typically, this kind of article is a product review or a demonstration of the author’s creative or professional usage of the product. 

When you utilize this technique to monetize your website, you know precisely how much money you will earn, unlike advertisements and affiliate networks.

If you are contemplating writing sponsored material, consider the following tips:

  • Consider establishing a business arrangement that permits the creation of several sponsored articles over many weeks or months. This will provide a regular and steady flow of income.
  • When approaching businesses, demonstrate why supporting your articles would be a good match for them. Please share your website’s traffic numbers with them, show how the interests of your followers connect with those of the brand and develop methods to include their goods in the material you generate together.
  • Do not attempt to conceal the fact that your postings are sponsored. Avoid misleading your audience; if necessary, offer a brief disclaimer to explain your position.
  • Never put your reputation as a blogger in jeopardy. Only advocate items or services in which you have complete faith and in which you feel your readers will find valuable.

Advertisements for Brands

Having a company sponsor your blog or maybe your whole online presence is one of the benefits of forming paid collaborations. 

There is also the possibility of writing sponsored material. 

This technique reduces spending on whole articles recommending or assessing certain products. 

There are different methods to thank your sponsors, such as displaying their logos on your blog’s banner and mentioning them in every article and social media post.

If you can find a brand that you like and that is relevant to the sector in which you work, this kind of sponsorship can be quite beneficial. 

While discussing the parameters of the partnership, both parties must clearly understand their expectations and the limits of the relationship. 

You will not feel as if you are compromising the quality of your job by taking this action.

How to Make Money Online Easily in 2022

The 65 Blog Niches That Make Money in Nigeria 2022

Creating a blog is all about selecting the appropriate topic, and finding the proper one is crucial. 

Let’s look at a few questions you need to ask yourself as you’re browsing through your options for blog themes before we move any farther into the pool of blog theme choices.

  • What excites and motivates you the most?
  • In what areas do you have the most of your experience?
  • Is this something that individuals have an interest in learning more about?

Blog Niches No. 1: News

Even if there are large news outlets that are tough for a blogger to compete with, there are still innovative methods to succeed in this sector as long as you carve out a specific niche for yourself in the blogging world.

  • Local
  • Sports
  • Politics

Blog Niches No. 2: Entertainment

Social media’s meteoric surge in popularity has helped fuel the rapid proliferation of websites devoted to entertainment, which were once confined to larger news organizations.

This very popular topic has produced a big list of prospective blog niche ideas on which you can base your content in today’s world.

  • Nollywood/Hollywood Movie reviews
  • Critiques of music
  • Television program guides
  • The latest about famous people
  • Interviews with celebs

Blog Niches No. 3: Beauty and fashion

Because trends shift and become obsolete in the blink of an eye, customers constantly need new material and new sources of inspiration. 

In addition, this indicates that you won’t ever have to strain your brain to find new things to write about on your beauty or fashion blog, regardless of the genre you choose to concentrate on.

  • Cosmetic Product reviews
  • Makeup tutorials
  • Healthy hair
  • Skincare hints
  • Fashion trends
  • Do-it-yourself DIY cosmetics on a budget

Blog Niches No. 4: Relationships

Throughout a person’s life, they will encounter many different sorts of relationships, and navigating them is never going to become any simpler. 

A blog on approachable and sympathetic relationships has a far better chance of connecting with its audience.

  • Advice on Living Together
  • Dating
  • Wedding planning
  • Pregnancy
  • Parenting
  • Getting through a divorce
  • Marriage Counselling

Blog Niches No. 5: Health and Wellness

People are becoming more concerned about both their physical and mental health. As a result, they have an insatiable need for information that teaches them how to live their lives more effectively and better control their emotions.

  • Self-care
  • Men’s health
  • Women’s health
  • Mental health
  • Sports
  • Exercise routines and good tips

Blog Niches No. 6: Food

If you have a lot of expertise in the kitchen or a great interest in baking, it makes sense to start a food blog.

Instead of attempting to write about every cuisine or beverage that you have ever had, you should concentrate on a certain blogging specialty and use your blog as a reason to experiment with new things continually.

  • Critiques of local eateries and watering holes
  • Homebrewing
  • Baking and culinary tips
  • Vegan recipes
  • Dieting tips
  • Healthy eating

Blog Niches No. 7: Medicine and Science

Regardless of their relevance to our world, science, nature, and medicine all have a curiosity for people. 

Therefore, these blog topics need extensive research, careful attention to detail, and effective study and publication of statistical data.

  • The most recent medical news and developments
  • Blogs devoted to a specific medical concern
  • Psychology
  • Discussions and news items about science.
  • Environmentalism
  • Intergalactic/Outer Space

Blog Niches No. 8: Lifestyle and hobbies

Ultimately, it all comes down to what you’re interested in, how big the community is, and how wide the range of subjects is covered. 

It might be anything, from writing about books to photographing them.

  • Photography
  • Writing
  • Do-it-yourself projects
  • All forms of handicraft

Blog Niches No. 9: Tech

Technological advances are transforming every facet of our lives. 

So it’s a broad topic that can interest many people, from consumers to corporations.

  • Recommendations from other users
  • Automation in the workplace
  • Electronics for home use
  • Applied Artificial Intelligence
  • Apple products
  • Android-based goods

Blog Niches No. 10: Education

To keep your blog relevant, you should consider posting about education on your site. 

Your blog can serve as a resource for academics or point readers to other organizations and activities that are important to the topic you choose to write about.

Study hacks

  • SAT prep
  • Online courses
  • Language learning
  • College-to-career prep

To Sum it Up

After deciding to establish a blog, a great number of authors are motivated to write. 

Through online communities, you can meet individuals from all over the globe who share your interests, teach you new things, and engage in casual discussions about concepts. 

For personal brands, corporations, and other organizations, including a blog within their website can boost their SEO and increase their online visibility.

There are occasions when a person’s zeal is insufficient to keep them afloat. 

In addition, maintaining a quality blog needs much time and work. These responsibilities include developing content, advertising efforts, and email subscribers. 

That is a great deal of time to invest in something with a low likelihood of yielding a large return.

The Time To Get Started is NOW!

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