263 ecological projects have been completed by FG

Alhaji Lai Mohammed, Nigeria’s Minister of Information and Culture, claims the government of President Muhammadu Buhari has completed 263 ecological projects.

Vice President Yemi Osinbajo presided over a Federal Executive Council (FEC) meeting on Wednesday, where Mohammed addressed State Department journalists.

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According to the minister, there have been 291 environmental initiatives that the government has been involved in.

First, the council approved the awarding of contracts for emergency procurement (2022) for rapid soil erosion, flood control, and pollution control intervention projects (first and second quarters).

“There were two memos presented on behalf of the president; the first of the memo is the approval that council granted for the award of contracts for the 2022 emergency procurement (first and second quarters) accelerated soil erosion, flood, and pollution control intervention projects.

“I am sure you were aware that there is an ecological project office which intervenes regularly; it controls soil erosion and flood in favor of states.

“The Ecological Project Office receives complaints of serious threat to the community and the land and it is instructive to note that during this administration, we have intervened in at least, 291 projects.

“Out of which, 263 have been completed and handed over to beneficiary communities and institutions, while a total of 28 are at various stages of completion,’’

According to him, the FEC met and approved 14 environmental initiatives.

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Listed by Mohammed are N939.1 million in erosion and flood control projects in the Trans-Nkisi Federal Housing Estate at 33 Road, Onitsha, Anambra State.

At Uburu Phase 2, Ebonyi State, two reinforced concrete channels were granted for N1.97 billion with an 18-month completion time.

For Ado-Ekiti, Ilejeme & Oye Local Government Areas of Ekiti State, a ₦1.15 billion erosion and flood control project with a 14-month completion date.

With an 18-month completion timetable, the Ogbomosho flood and erosion control/road repair project cost N978 million. 

“Two, reinforced concrete channels in Uburu Phase 2, Ebonyi State; this was awarded at the sum of N1.97 billion with an 18-month completion period.

“Three, erosion and flood control projects for Ado-Ekiti, Ilejeme, and Oye Local Government Areas of Ekiti State for N1.15 billion with a completion period of 14 months.

“There is also the flood and erosion control/road improvement works in Ogbomosho for N978 million with a completion period of 18 months.

“There are flood and road control works along Ugbodu-Wodu road, Aniocha North West in Delta State with a completion period of six months for the sum of N938 million.”

According to him, the Ugbodu-Wodu road in Aniocha North West, Delta State, would see N938 million worth of flood control and road construction work done over the next six months.

The gully erosion management project in Ovia Northeast, Edo State, costs N878 million and is expected to be completed in 18 months, according to him.

Askira/Uba Local Government Area of Borno for N844 million with a 12-month completion date, he cited the flood and erosion control works in Lassa town.

“We have the flood control at in Alagano, Bade Local Government Area of Yobe State for the sum of N1.97 billion with a completion period of 18 months.

“Flood control through the reconstruction of Falankawa dam and its porter’s structures for irrigation at Ajingi Local Government Area in Kano State for N632 million with a completion period of eight months.

“We have the construction of drainages, culverts, environment and land reclamation in Wurno/Rabah Constituency, Sokoto State; that is going for N552 million with the completion period of 12 months.’’

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Ajingi Local Government Area in Kano State said it would cost N632 million and take eight months to rebuild the Falankawa Dam and its associated buildings for irrigation.

As part of Wurno/Rabah Constituency, Sokoto State’s N552 million drainage and culvert building project scheduled to be completed in 12 months,

According to the minister, Zamfara’s Gusau Town Gully Erosion Work was allocated N879 million and would be completed in 16 months.

He also included the Oturkpo, Benue State, erosion, flood management, and road repair projects for N931 million and a six-month completion date.

Also included in Phase 2 of the FCT are N2.8 billion in erosion control and road development projects from Wasa to Wuse in Central FCT, which should be completed in 14 months.

Finally, there is the delivery and installation of (1) 18 meter, 250-kilogram flameless and odorless diesel-powered incinerator for the amount of N159 million for six months at the National Hospital in Abuja.

We have two projects in the Southeast, two in the Southwest, and two in the South-South; two in the Northeast, three in the Northwest, and three in the North-Central and the FCT; these projects are spread throughout the country’s six geopolitical zones.

“There is also the erosion control and road improvement works from Wasa to Wuse, Central FCT, in Phase 2 of FCT for the sum of N2.8 billion, and it will be completed in 14 months.

“Finally, there is supply and installation of 250kg flameless and odorless diesel-powered incinerator to National Hospital in Abuja for the sum of N159million for the building period of six months.

“You will note that these projects are divided across the six geo-political zones; we have two in the Southeast, two in the Southwest, two in the South-South; the Northeast has two, the Northwest has three; North-Central and the FCT have three.

To add to this, he says, most of these projects are given back to their beneficiaries after they’ve been finished.

“It could be stated, it could be local government, the intervention of the Ecological Project Office is massive and it is huge.

“If we can complete 261 in six years, what that shows is an average of 40 or more every year,’’

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